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This is your home, now let’s weave something beautiful. It is of our belief that home linens should be just that, “Linen”. Consequently, linen fabric for your dwelling is the perfect way to beautify it naturally. Because of this, no synthetic or polymer-based fabrics here. Above all, your home is precious, and it is important that your loved ones are safe and healthy. With this in mind, home textiles made of linen fabric offer a variety of inherently healthy properties. For instance, a linen throw pillow or linen sheets will naturally be antibacterial, resist dust mites and fungus.

The beauty of linen home goods is in the quality of the construction of the linen fabric. Since yarns and weaves vary, the aesthetic of linen can radically change depending on the weave density or yarn selection. As a result, these subtle changes in the fabric are the foundation to beautiful home goods. Therefore, with beautiful home goods, we can weave a beautiful home.

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Linen throw blankets are a fantastic way to keep cozy in the upcoming winter months. Because of linens beauty and comfort, drape one of these over your sofa and be ready to curl up with a warm fireplace blazing.